ReTouching with - Trista T.

Business Type - Model

Smart is so Sexy #SISS

Twitter/Instagram - @OnlyTristaT

MERGEBY.  How have you been? 

Trista T.  I've been great, Thanks. Excited about a new year and new opportunities.

MERGEBY.  We see you out there.. Lets get right into it… What’s your favorite Song on the radio right now?

Trista T.  That new Jeezy. I think it's called R.I.P. I like the whole west coast vibe it has!

MERGEBY.  Dope song… Is there a Musician you would like to work with? (Music Video)

Trista T.  Common. I always wanted to do one of Common's videos I love him. His songs and videos always have a message and I love that.

MERGEBY.  We can’t wait to see that one… Is your Family Supportive of your career?

Trista T.  They are! My family and my friends are very proud of me and all that I have accomplished thus far. I love them.

MERGEBY.  That Support is very important to have.. Give us three words that describe you?

Trista T.  Loving, Nonchalant, Silly 

MERGEBY.  Wow I wouldn’t have guessed Silly.. Silly is Sexy ;) When do you feel the sexiest?

Trista T.  Every morning when I wake up! Lol, sexy is a confidence you have to carry within yourself. So every day when I get dressed and head out the door I tell myself girl you one sexy somebody lol. If you don't believe it, nobody else will!

MERGEBY.  That’s right…. Confidence is also so Sexy ;) What’s the secret in building a successful Fan Base with Social Media?

Trista T.  Umm interacting with the people. They tweet you try and tweet them back. Even if it’s just a simple thank you! But sometimes it's so many people commenting that you can't reply to them all.

MERGEBY.  Twitter is the ish… lol Who’s your favorite Photographer to work with?

Trista T.  Jonathan Keitt aka JK. (@DesignsByJK) out of Charlotte, NC. I love working with him and videographer  Aaron aka Amil Barnes (@Amil_CBNT). I always have so much fun with them there the best I love them.

MERGEBY.  And it shows.. you guys do amazing work… Can you share an embarrassing moment at a photo-shoot?

Trista T.  Umm I don't have one. I'm a silly person anyway so I'm always cutting up a little on set and having fun.

MERGEBY.  Cool… make that day fun… What do you find sexy about a Guy?

Trista T.  I absolutely love a man that can dress. That is so sexy to me :)

MERGEBY.  I think you are gonna have these guys set up their dress game…. Share something crazy or ridiculous that a fan wrote on your wall?

Trista T.  I have come to find out people are really crazy lol. But I had a dude email me asking me to mail him my panties. That was really weird to me. And then I get the thirsty dudes that inbox me dick pictures and tell me about the fantasies they have with me! Lol, people are crazy!

MERGEBY.  Lol people are crazy.. some how I think you are going to get more email after this lol What motivates you to keep modeling?

Trista T.  My love for it. I love being in front of the camera, going through hair and makeup and see my end result. Anytime you love what you do you’re going to continue to do it and progress at it.

MERGEBY.  You got to love it… What’s the best thing a Model could do to land gigs or work?

Trista T.  Know what you want! Go after gigs that you know you'll feel comfortable with and get excited about. Cause if your uncomfortable it will show through your actions. And go in there and own it. Show them that you are the person for this job. Make them love you from the moment you walk through the door.

MERGEBY.  There goes that Confidence again.. Sexy ;) Lets have some fun.. Finish this Statement.. “Sex is …”?

Trista T.  Great! Awesome! Fantastic! Lol all them words....

MERGEBY.  All those words indeed…. Lol What’s next for you?

Trista T.  More magazine features, maybe some acting, I'm getting serious about my scarf line this year. So 2013 WILL be a great year for Trista T. :-)

MERGEBY.  Good deal.. Great work Love, we can’t wait to see more of Trista T.. Thank you 


@OnlyTristaT is Doing her thing. It was great Interview her again. Please look out for her.  Smart is so Sexy #BookHer.. @OnlyTristaT

Trista T. from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.

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