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Deeper than a Photo #DTAP

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Age, location, how did you get started)

TORI GRACE.  I'm soon to be 24 and live in Atlanta. I got started modeling about a year ago, my former boss had me start hosting some open mic nights that we were promoting and it just took off from there. I released my calendar that November in 2011, for 2012, and it went crazy!

MERGEBY.  What's your favorite song right now?

TORI GRACE.  My favorite song right now is Rihanna, Phresh Off the Runway. 

MERGEBY.  What Type of Model would you be considered?

TORI GRACE.  I consider myself a glamour model or an advertisement model. I do a lot of promo work but it's usually something I'm hired per company or event. I do eye candy but I like doing the gigs that give me a chance to act.

MERGEBY.  What was your first Job?

TORI GRACE.  WOW, my first job was as a cashier at my neighborhood Kroger, that's a grocery store here in GA, I worked there until I went to school at Georgia State.

MERGEBY.  How do you deal with disappointment?

TORI GRACE.  I usual just find something else to work on. Lol. Fill my time up with other gigs or hanging out with my family. 

MERGEBY.  Talk about your strength and weakness in Modeling?

TORI GRACE.  My weakness in modeling in my height. I'm a shorty so I don't do runway etc. My strength is the fact that I talk A LOT! Lol so it's not too many gigs that I can't or won't do, I'm able to communicate and come up with other events, gigs etc.

MERGEBY.  What is a big pet peeve of yours from the industry?

TORI GRACE.  The catty girls and sneaky guys. I wish people would just work together and try to make money as compared to trying to sabotage each other. it's a lot of hating that happens and it sucks.

MERGEBY.  What’s the secret of you always looking glamorous?

TORI GRACE.  SLEEP! and water! I know the second I'm not rested is the second you can see it in my face, skin, hair etc. Exercise is another way too! I don't workout as much as I should but I do work out. 

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us some of the challenges that you have come across?

TORI GRACE.  Mainly the travel, it's hard at times being away from my family. I miss them a lot. I just try to keep up with the phone calls etc. Other than that maybe keeping the gigs coming in. It's so many talented models out here!

MERGEBY.  What are some of your greatest achievements thus far?

TORI GRACE.  My work with C Clark, Shawn Darnell, Stunnaz Mag, Stunnaz Calendar, ThisIs50.Com, Nerve DJ conference, and the videos I've done. It's a lot of stuff!! 

MERGEBY.  What is your ultimate goal for your career?

TORI GRACE.  My ultimate goal is getting onto the air with my own show for the radio. I love hosting! It's a lot of fun and getting to know a lot of entertainers etc. It's cool to learn their stories.

MERGEBY.  What was the craziest experience that you’ve had in the industry? (story)

TORI GRACE.  Hmm I don't know. I mean crazy as in good was just being out and about with all the different artists. It was awesome. I've met people like TechN9ne, Sonny Digital, and Hosea Chanchez. It's just been a lot of positive fun. The road trips I’ve made out of town to open mics and shows. It's just been a lot of fun. 

MERGEBY.  Question, all the guys want to know… Are you single?

TORI GRACE.  Lol I'm seeing someone lol but who isn't

MERGEBY.  What attracts you about someone?

TORI GRACE.  Someone that makes me laugh. I LOVE to laugh so anyone that can crack a joke and keep me entertained!

MERGEBY.  Can you name a model everyone should look out for, other than you?

TORI GRACE.  Oh wow. I'm not sure of just one. it's so many talented ones out there. I definitely know people need to watch out for ANY Fleet Model. We're the hardest working models out!

MERGEBY.  Tips for men who want to be your Mr. Right.

TORI GRACE.  Be yourself! Don't like and make me laugh! I also like to eat and love getting flowers lol.

MERGEBY.  Twitter or Facebook? Which do you prefer?  

TORI GRACE.  Twitter! Facebook is annoying!

MERGEBY.  Where can our audience see more of you?

TORI GRACE.  On twitter, Facebook, instagram etc. everything is ToriGr8ce!

MERGEBY.  What advice do you have for young women, trying to get in the industry?

TORI GRACE.  Keep your head up and morals. Don't change you for anyone. The gigs will come in based off your personality. The second you lower your standards is the second you sell yourself short. 


As you can see, it's Deeper than a Photo with  @ToriGr8ce .  Smart is very sexy. She's an awesome person. Just talk to her and you will see how it's deeper Than a Photo #DTAP.

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