Artist Rising Today - Melody Keys

#ART - Singer/Rapper

Song - "Boss Lady" & "The Generals"

Twitter - @MelodyKeys1

MERGEBY.  Ms. Keys Thank you so much for having this interview with us.. lets get into it… Finish this statement… Music is …?  

Melody Keys.  My everything the air I breathe my second love and it’s a huge blessing to be able to do it.

MERGEBY.  That’s Passion, baby… Describe your Style of music? 

Melody Keys.  It is mainly Dance but RNb and rap also.

MERGEBY.  Nice… What's your favorite song right now? 

Melody Keys.  Lana del Rey - Blue jeans

MERGEBY.  She’s Amazing… but, is your Family Supportive of your career? 

Melody Keys.  Yes they are.

MERGEBY.  Family is so important… Is there a Musician you would like to work with? (Music Video) 

Melody Keys.  Neyo, Professor green, Lil Kim.   

MERGEBY.  Wow all four of you guys together would be nice.. Give us three words that describe you? 

Melody Keys.  Sexy, Smart, Happy

MERGEBY.  Smart is so Sexy ;) Happy is necessary… What’s the secret in building a successful Fan Base with Social Media? 

Melody Keys.  Not sure. But I guess be yourself.

MERGEBY.  Be yourself is the answer… Who’s your favorite Photographer or Producer to work with? 

Melody Keys.  Harmony B.O.E. Producer, Luke Biggins Photographer

MERGEBY.  You guys do amazing work… Can you share an embarrassing moment at a photo-shoot? 

Melody Keys.  None really I'm always on point.

MERGEBY.  Always on point for sure.. When do you feel the sexiest? 

Melody Keys.  After my gym session.

MERGEBY.  Yeah, that’s sexy… Share something crazy or ridiculous that a fan wrote on your wall? 

Melody Keys.  I wanna meet u and take u shopping just give me your number.

MERGEBY.  Lol… that don’t sound too bad… What motivates you to keep modeling/recording?

Melody Keys.  I have fun doing it.  When it stops being fun then I'll stop. 

MERGEBY.  This is a smart girl right here.  What’s the hardest thing being a female artist? 

Melody Keys.  Having the right image.

MERGEBY.  Ok.. that’s a thin line.. What story are you trying to tell, in your Music? 

Melody Keys.  All the things I've been through and all the things I want people to know about me and life in general.

MERGEBY.  We want to hear that storey… What’s the best thing a Model/artist could do to land gigs or work?

Melody Keys.  Speak to as much people as possible and try ways of promoting yourself.

MERGEBY.  Nice network and be creative.. Lets have some fun lol Finish this statement "Sex is..." 

Melody Keys.  Only worth having when you are married.

MERGEBY.  Good answer… What’s next for you? 

Melody Keys.  More of the same.

MERGEBY.  Don’t Stop Love, Keep going..


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@MelodyKeys1 is Doing her thing. Her Music is Awesome Please look out for her.  Smart is so Sexy #BookHer.. Artist Rising Today #ART


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