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Deeper than a Photo #DTAP

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Age, location, how did you get started)

Latifah Drinks.  I am 23 from Cincinnati, OH. I started by just taking pictures and putting my work on model mayhem and networking on twitter. After that lots of people started contacting me for web features and etc. So I just took that opportunity and ran with it, started submitting to more sites and mags to make a name for myself.

MERGEBY.  What's your favorite song right now? 

Latifah Drinks.  I am in love with Rihanna’s song "Pour it up"

MERGEBY.  What Type of Model would you be considered?

Latifah Drinks.  I consider it glamour model. But some people call it "Booty Model". I guess everyone has their own views and labels. 

MERGEBY.  What was your first Job?

Latifah Drinks.  My first job was at a recreation center. I was a summer school teachers aid basically, I monitored and did one on one with an autistic boy.

MERGEBY.  How do you deal with disappointment?

Latifah Drinks.  I cry and pray. I am very sensitive. But when I find myself in a vulnerable state I just pray and ask for strength. 

MERGEBY.  Talk about your strength and weakness in Modeling?

Latifah Drinks.  My strengths are that I try my best to be different, I also compare my shoots to previous shoots that I had and critique them. My main goal is to bring something better or different in every shoot. I don't want all of my pictures looking alike, I try not to be that model. As far as weaknesses, I don't really have any that I know of.

MERGEBY.  What is a big pet peeve of yours from the industry?

Latifah Drinks.  Photographers that can't be professional. I just want to get in, work, and get out , I don't really have a desire of being your best friend. Some of them don't understand that or take it the wrong way.

MERGEBY.  What’s the secret of you always looking glamorous?

Latifah Drinks.  I take care of my skin, uses the best of products. I don't smoke or drink. If I do drink its every once in a while, and it would be something as simple as wine.

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us some of the challenges that you have come across?

Latifah Drinks.  Some of the challenges are being that I'm not much of an inviting person. It's a little difficult to get where I really want to be in the modeling game. I'm not really one of those models trying to be a part of the buddy system. 

MERGEBY.  What are some of your greatest achievements thus far?

Latifah Drinks.  Hmmm. Well, I haven't been doing this modeling thing for that long. But I can say that I am proud of my previous features in mags and sites.

MERGEBY.  What is your ultimate goal for your career?

Latifah Drinks.  To be successful, unique and a role model.

MERGEBY.  What was the craziest experience that you’ve had in the industry? (story)

Latifah Drinks.  Haven't had any yet. 

MERGEBY.  Question, all the guys want to know… Are you single?

Latifah Drinks.  No =)

MERGEBY.  What attracts you about Someone?

Latifah Drinks.  Confidence, sense of humor, style, and mind set.

MERGEBY.  Can you name a model everyone should look out for, other than you? 

Latifah Drinks.  My fleet model sister Tori Grace! She's doing her thang! 

MERGEBY.  Tips for men who want to be your Mr. Right?

Latifah Drinks.  Be confident, have style lol stay out of clubs, have a goal, and stay in the gym! 

MERGEBY.  Twitter or Facebook? Which do you prefer? 

Latifah Drinks.  Twitter I hate Facebook lol

MERGEBY.  Where can our audience see more of you?

Latifah Drinks.

Elm magazine issue 7 out now on issue 5

Stack Models Magazine releasing Feb 15 2013

MERGEBY.  What advice do you have for young women, trying to get in the industry?

Latifah Drinks.  Don't sell yourself short to fit in. Stay professional, know and understand that their will be some no's but don't let that discourage you, keep pushing! ;-)


As you can see, it's Deeper than a Photo with  @LatifahDrinks .  Smart is very sexy. She's an awesome person. Just talk to her and you will see how it's deeper Than a Photo #DTAP.

Latifah Drinks from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.

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