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MERGEBY.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Age, location, how did you get started)

Heather Renee Isbell.  I'm Heather Renee Isbell. I've been modeling since 2011, my first company was horrormerch.com, and I was featured in Decibel magazine with an ad from that company. Since February this year though, I’ve really been focusing on modeling. I also work as a photographer. I'm 23 years old, from Ohio and currently single.

MERGEBY.  What's your favorite song right now?

Heather Renee Isbell.  'Midnight Sun' by Neon Hitch. I love her! Her music just seems very real and intimate to me.

MERGEBY.  What Type of Model would you be considered?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Alternative, pinup...and everything in between!

MERGEBY.  What was your first Job?

Heather Renee Isbell.  My first job ever was at Blockbuster Video. I love movies, but hated it.

MERGEBY.  How do you deal with disappointment?

Heather Renee Isbell.  I cry it out and keep on going! Never give up.

MERGEBY.  Talk about your strength and weakness in Modeling?

Heather Renee Isbell.  I think artistically, I’m very strong. I love trying out, new, creative ideas. I could work more on the technical side of it though.

MERGEBY.  What is a big pet peeve of yours from the industry?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Girls who don't stand up for themselves. If someone is asking you to pose or do anything that makes you uncomfortable you need to say no. I see a lot of young girls falling into the hands of some scumbag amateur "photographer".

MERGEBY.  What’s the secret of you always looking glamorous?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Confidence! Really that’s it! You could be in yoga pants and flip flops, but if you carry yourself with confidence, then no one sees the outfit, just you.

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us some of the challenges that you have come across?

Heather Renee Isbell.  I live in a small area, so getting my name out and booking jobs here is sometimes hard. The internet and the amazing followers I have, keep me going.

MERGEBY.  What are some of your greatest achievements thus far?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Decibel magazine was my first and proudest moment. But getting booked with all the sites, photographers and companies so far has been a blessing.

MERGEBY.  What is your ultimate goal for your career?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Well, I know so many girls say this...but I love Playboy...to me, that would be the top.

MERGEBY.  What was the craziest experience that you’ve had in the industry? (story)

Heather Renee Isbell.  O geez! On photoshoots, so many funny-crazy moments. I think due to my beach shoots, I’ve flashed most of this county! opps!

MERGEBY.  Question, all the guys want to know… Are you single?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Yes, I am.

MERGEBY.  What attracts you about someone?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Sense of humor, positive attitude, someone with their own goals and dreams. I love someone who has a huge drive and passion for life, like myself.

MERGEBY.  Can you name a model everyone should look out for, other than you?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Well this girl is one of the main people who inspired me to get into modeling, 'Pretty Poison'. She's amazing, check her out!

MERGEBY.  Tips for men who want to be your Mr. Right?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Play it cool- meaning be yourself. Be patient. I'm more than just big boobs, ha. I love long talks, and enjoying random moments in life. If you do too, then I might be for you!

MERGEBY.  Twitter or Facebook? Which do you prefer?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Facebook! facebook.com/ddheather or @drpdeadheather

MERGEBY.  Where can our audience see more of you?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Facebook! Feel free to follow me! ; )

MERGEBY.  What advice do you have for young women, trying to get in the industry?

Heather Renee Isbell.  Stand your ground. Work VERY hard. Study, Study, Study! And most importantly, never give up.


As you can see, it's Deeper than a Photo with  @drpdeadheather .  Smart is very sexy. She's an awesome person. Just talk to her and you will see how it's deeper Than a Photo #DTAP.


Heather Renee Isbell from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.








-CBT's Closet- model- Spring 2013, Summer 2013

-Templar Digital- Featured model interview (Bombshell Profile)- June 2013

-Port Clinton News Herald- Photographer- June 2013-present

-Recycled.stylez- Clothing Model - May 2013

-Kaboom Magazine- Bombshell Of The Day- May 17, 2013

-New England Hip Hop- NE Honey- May 2013

-Dyme Pieces (site)- featured model interview- May 13, 2013

-CR Exchange Fashion Show- model- May 2013

-Body-Rockin.com- Model of the day- April 27, 2013

-Elektron Gun music video (band: Orange)- featured- released April 2013

-Buzzbin Magazine/Canton Fly Paper- model- released April 17, 2013

-Goodwill Fashion Show- model- April 2013

-City Of Horror- merch model- April 2013

-Miss Ohio Sweeps pageant- competed- March 2013

-Sandusky Mall Spring Fashion Show (model for The Fabulous Female)- March 2013

-Molly Mcfaddin Photography- model- March 2013

-Featured on Body-Rockin.com- "certified babe" model- March 2013

-I Do Too: Bridal Event- model for Personal D'Signs/BBG Bridal- March 2013

-Hannah Sloas Photography- model- March 2013

-Miss Mansfield pageant- competed- February 23, 2013

-Bellazon: Celebrity Biography-www.bellazon.org/heather-renee-isbell.html

-Bandini Pin Ups- Featured model- February 2013

-Self Implied Restrictions- song: Paradise- music video- actress- released Feb 2013

-Johnson Photography- model- November 2012 & February 2013

-Graduated the New York Institute of Photography- certified in Professional Photography

-Sandusky Mall Back To School Fashion Show (model for Rue21)- August 2012

-Funcoast.com- event photographer- July 2012 to present

-Thunder Roads- promotional model- Ohio Bike Week 2012

-Playmakers Theater- Funny You Don't Look Like A Grandmother- Daughter- May 2012

-Sandusky Mall Prom Fashion Show (model for DEBS)- Spring 2012

-Miss Ohio Sweeps pageant- competed- March 2012

-Be More Photography Limited- model- March 2012

-Captial Photo- model- March 2012

-Miss Vacationland pageant competed- November 2011

-Playmakers Theater- Alice: the musical- White Rabbit- November 2011

-Recycled.stylez- Vintage Online Clothing Store- October 2011- photographer

-Recycled.stylez- Vintage Online Clothing Store- Sept. 2011- model

-Sandusky Mall- Back To School Fashion Show (model for DEBS & Rue21)- August 2011

-Miss North Coast pageant- competed- August 2011

-Cedar Point- 'Wind Seeker'- commercial shoot- July 2011

-Decibel magazine- July 2011- Horrormerch.com ad- model

-Horrormerch.com- model- April 2011

-Miss Ohio Sweeps pageant- competed- March 2011

-Fashion Bug Store- fashion shows model: 2005- 2012

-Miss Vacationland pageant- competed January 2011

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