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MERGEBY.  How have you been?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Been very good. :-) Staying extremely busy with my business and modeling career.

MERGEBY.  Awesome, busy is the mother of luck.  What’s your favorite Song on the radio right now?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  "SummerTime Sadness" by Lana Ray

MERGEBY.  Cool song.  Is there a Musician you would like to work with? (Music Video)

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Yes, Rihanna :-)

MERGEBY.  You and Rihanna, that’s a great look.  How Many Days do you workout?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  3 times a week

MERGEBY.  Awesome characteristics.  Always have to make time for the gym.  Give us three words that describe you?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Sexy, Funny, Giving

MERGEBY.  When do you feel the sexiest?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Whenever I put my heels on. ;-)

MERGEBY.  Thanks for those Photos #SISS.  What’s the secret in building a successful Fan Base with Social Media?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Caring for your fans and interacting with them. A simple "Thank you" means a lot to someone who has taken the time to open and like a picture of work of yours. It makes them feel special and connected to you in some way. :-)

MERGEBY.  Great attitude.. Who’s your favorite Photographer to work with?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  OMG, that’s a hard one. I have a select group that are my favorite which includes Alex Tirado, Scott McEwan, Darryl Wilson, Larry Hodge, G.W. Burns and my latest favorite Andres Enriquez with Climax Photography. BUT..... One does stand out from them all, and the only reason I say that, is for, he encompasses everything to what I believe to be the most complete and True Artist... He would be Photographer Ozem Ellis. The most humble, shyest, truly inspirational Photographer I have the pleasure to work with. But, much love and due credit to all the others I mentioned as well. Love you Guys, Muuuuah.

MERGEBY.  You have a great catalog of work… Can you share an embarrassing moment at a photoshoot?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  LOL, ok. So I am usually very careful of my diet and how much I eat several days before a shoot or project... And from the minute we began to shoot on this one day... my stomach was growling so loud, it sounded like a starving grizzly. Everyone kept giggling. lol

MERGEBY.  Lol I think we all had a moment like that.  What do you find sexy about a Guy?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  His teeth, sense of style, his intellectuality, and the attention I get from him.

MERGEBY.  Smart is so Sexy #SISS Share something crazy or ridiculous that a fan wrote on your wall?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  OMG, I don’t think I can put that up on here. Lol. But I will say.... Fans do NOT hold back what comes to mind. lol

MERGEBY.  Lol we read some.. we know.. What motivates you to keep modeling?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  My Manager, who happens to be my husband. I call him My Husbager. :-) He is my best friend, Worst critic, and pushes me way beyond what I think at times I am capable of. Never met anyone like him. He’s my Number 1 Fan.

MERGEBY.  Awesome, to have that support… Fill in the Blank.  I get turned on ____________ U.O.E.N.O (you don't even know) it. 

Cecilia L. Aponte.  I get turned on after a fight. Kinky, I know. Lol U.O.E.N.O (you don't even know) it.

MERGEBY.  Best sex… Fill in the Blank.  When I'm in my Bed ____________ U.O.E.N.O (you don't even know) it.

Cecilia L. Aponte. When I’m in my bed I am that matters to him U.O.E.N.O (you don't even know) it.

MERGEBY.  That’s how it should be…  What’s the best thing a Model could do to land gigs or work?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Network, Network, Network. You have to stay on top of your Socials and interacting with EVERYONE.

MERGEBY.  Great advice #SISS.  Finish this Statement.. “Sex is …”?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Is like food, you have to eat every day, right... Gotta have sex every day too. :-)

MERGEBY.  Oh my.. Great analogy.. Tasty… What’s next for you?

Cecilia L. Aponte.  Working on submissions to PlayBoy and Maxim and a 2014 Calendar

MERGEBY.  Good Luck #SISS Smart is so Sexy


@CeCeMrs813 is Doing her thing. It was great Interview her again. Please look out for her.  Smart is so Sexy #BookHer.. @CeCeMrs813

Smart is so Sexy #SISS from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.

Cecilia L. Aponte from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.


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