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MERGEBY.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Age, location, how did you get started)

CeCe.  Hello, my name is Cecilia, but just about everyone calls me CeCe. ♥ A little bit about me. I’m a true Floridian, born and raised, and have lived all of my life here in Florida. I love the beach and the outdoors, but...also love the mall, my bags and heels. :-) LOL. I grew up as a farm girl, feeding chickens and playing with my pet pig Miss Piggy. Hard to beleive from the girl you only see now in heels most of the time. :-) Although the shortest, I'm the oldest one with 2 other brothers and my little sister. Aside from modeling, I'm also a HealthCare Business Owner. On my free time, you can find me scuba diving the Gulf Waters of Florida, on the back of a motorcycle, at the beach, dancing my heart out at a local club, or buying some new heels at the mall. :-) Oh, and I love to cook too.

Modeling has been a long time dream of mine, and with the best support in the world, I decided "What the heck, It's now or never". Dont want to look back later and wonder what it would have been like. It's a lot of work, I must admit, but so much fun. :-) I hope to develop some great relationships that will help with me with networking in the modeling Industry. Ultimately, I would love to be appear on Maxim, Playboy and Swimsuit Magazines. I am also available for Car or Motorcycle, Comercial, Fashion and Lingerie or Swimsut Modeling. 

So make sure to follow me. You will see plenty more of me here, there... and everywhere. ;-)  - Love, CeCe. ♥

MERGEBY.  What's your favorite song right now?

CeCe.  Fuck you beta - by Neon Hitch

MERGEBY.  What Type of Model would you be considered?

CeCe.  I do all genres. I love Fashion Modeling, but also feel comfortable and very sexy doing Glamour Modeling and Swimsuit Modeling. I consider myself to be a very well rounded model. :-)

MERGEBY.  What was your first Job?

CeCe.  My 1st paying job was at a local Dunkin Donuts, where I stayed for 7 years and made Manager. It allowed me to go to school and obtain my Medical Education, which now has led to me owning my own Medical Diagnostic Imaging Company.

MERGEBY.  How do you deal with disappointment?

CeCe.  Not well. :-( But... A nice bottle of Chardonnay and Box of chocolates always makes things better. :-)

MERGEBY.  Talk about your strength and weakness in Modeling?

CeCe.  My strengths: I can very easily relate to the vision the photographer or client has in mind, and adapt and morph into it. I know what they want.... And I deliver. I also listen to instructions, ideas, and criticism and instantly apply them and make the best of it. It’s very important to learn from others, and constantly become better.

My weaknesses: To hard on my self. If I’m not happy with something, I will stay on it, until I feel I have it right, even when I’m being told it was good, or good enough. Other weakness... Not being able to go to an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet several days before a shoot or videotaping. lol :-)

MERGEBY.  What is a big pet peeve of yours from the industry?

CeCe.  The seek of perfection. No one is perfect. We all have our flaws, to include physically. That’s what I find beautiful and unique in every one of us. But the industry sometimes is a little too picky in that search for perfection. We are all beautiful in our own way. I hope to inspire women, and even men. Not to make anyone look, or feel less of themselves, but rather them say "Hey, she might be a little short, or a little to tall, or have a few extra pounds, but look how good she looks... She looks great and inspires confidence" That’s what I want to offer.

MERGEBY.  What’s the secret of you always looking glamorous?

CeCe.  Rest. I loooooooove to sleep. LOL. It’s tough with my busy schedule as a business owner and Modeling as well. But I make sure to get plenty of rest, Plenty of water, and I always eat all my veggies and fruits. I think Healthy eating, Being a happy person, resting enough, and proper exercise are all key in how I look. :-)

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us some of the challenges that you have come across?

CeCe.  Finding the time is the first. Making time to shop for the outfits for the shoots, meet with clients, photographers, artists, etc. There is a lot of time spent on the computer, phone, emails, etc. Juggling all this with 4 to 9 hour photo and/or video shoots is tough very tough when you also own your full time business.

The other would be being patient in getting exposure. It just takes time. Its not as easy as taking a few good pics and now your in a magazine or featured in a website. It takes a lot of work, time and patience, to get noticed and the calls start coming in for your services, to make appearances, paid shoots, etc.

MERGEBY.  What are some of your greatest achievements thus far?

CeCe.  I have worked with the best, most amazing photographers and people that have catapulted my modeling career into high gear. Being featured in multiple sites, Being an active model for the largest radio station here in Tampa Bay (Wild 94.1) Shooting for various magazines (ELM Magazine, Strobe, and others in the works as we speak), working on deals for big screen movies, commercials, and videos.... Seeing all this unravel in front of my eyes is an amazing feeling.

MERGEBY.  What is your ultimate goal for your career?

CeCe. I want to become a household name. Hey, I dream big. ;-) Maybe some day you will flip a magazine and I will right there next to Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian hanging out Jay-Z and Kanye. :-) Would love to be in Playboy, Maxim and Sports Illustrated. Also appear in mainstream TV.

MERGEBY.  What was the craziest experience that you’ve had in the industry? (story)

CeCe.  Really, No crazy story yet, but..... I will say... After a long 7 hour, awesome shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Photographer Alex Tirado, We were wrapping things up, when he asks My Manager to take his NY Yankees Cap off along with his Chain and Cross, and says to hand it to me. So there I am wearing nothing but a navy blue NY Yankees cap and a White Gold chain with Blue and white diamonds.... The rest is history. That one pic from that shoot.... Set things up in motion for me. It was like a racecar taking off..... And it still hasn’t stopped. Alex Tirado..... Love You. Thanks Sweetie. Muuuuah

MERGEBY.  Question, all the guys want to know… Are you single?

CeCe.  Well..... I am not. I know, I know. Disappointment. Lol. No, I am very happily married to the most amazing man alive. So at least Boys, don’t worry... he takes very good care of me.. And if he doesn’t.... Shhhhhhhh don’t tell him, You know where to find me. ;-)

MERGEBY.  What attracts you about Someone?

CeCe.  They have to make me smile, make me laugh, have nice teeth, sexy smile. Tattoos.... Ummm yeah... I love a man, or girl. ;-), Covered in tattoos. They must be educated, well groomed and great manners. Oh.... And if they don’t open doors for me... DONE DEAL. ;-)

MERGEBY.  Can you name a model everyone should look out for, other than you?

CeCe.  I really can’t think of another. The others I know of are very well established and known in the industry. But.... I will share my favorite model that I always look out for. LOL Victoria’s Secret Mrs. Adriana Lima. Yup... I wanna work with her someday. :-)

MERGEBY.  Tips for men who want to be your Mr. Right?

CeCe.  Don’t try to hard. Be yourself. First impressions are EVERYTHING!!!! Always must be dressed right and well groomed. And last...Treat me like a lady. Be courteous, polite and sweet. I don’t want a man who will give me everything, I’m self-sufficient.... I want a man who wants to give me the world, even when I don’t need or want him to. The feeling of knowing that someone cares and loves you that much.... That’s Mr. Right. ;-)

MERGEBY.  Twitter or Facebook? Which do you prefer?

CeCe.  Facebook. I have a lot of material there for my fans to get a better feel of the work I do. Plus I love the interaction with all my fans in one spot. But I am on Twitter all day as well. I jump between, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram LOL

MERGEBY.  Where can our audience see more of you?

CeCe.  Personal Website: http://www.cecemrs813.wix.com/tampa
 - Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CeCeMrs813 
- Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/CeCeMrs813 
- Instagram: CeCeMrs813
- Model Mayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/CeCeMrs813
- Bikini Girl Website: http://www.BikiniGirl.com/model.cfm?name=Cecilia
- YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CeCeMrs813 
- DynastySeries.com: http://dynastyseries.com/cecilia-aponte-cecemrs813-introducing-alex-tirado/
- GGurls.com: http://ggurls.com/alex-tirado/cecilia-aponte.html
 - WorlLatinStar.com: http://worldlatinstar.com/wls/?p=33144
- YouTube CeCeMrs813 Intro Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw8j1Ywyd1A
 - BikiniGirl.com: http://bikinigirl.com/calendar_month.cfm?CALyear=2012&CALmonth=...

MERGEBY.  What advice do you have for young women, trying to get in the industry?

CeCe.  It’s such a cliché, but so true... Never give up. Keep at it, stay with it. And listen and learn from those who have been in the business before you. Photographers are a great source of information and help, that’s if.... They like you, and you respect them. You think your pretty, everyone tells you your beautiful?..... There are another thousand beautiful and pretty, very talented ladies out there working hard to make it too... You have to figure out, how to stand out, be different.  How? That I can’t tell you how to do... You will have to think of that one on your own. But once you know.... Give it your all. Oh and last thing..... Its awesome being a girl. We Rock!!!!!! - Love ya, CeCeMrs813 <3 Muuuuah


Smart is So Sexy, @CeCeMrs813 is killing the Net. @CeCeMrs813 is showing that it is Deeper than a Photo and Smart is so Sexy.  A Smart woman is a huge Turn on, think about it. Check her out  :)

Cecilia L. Aponte. (CeCe) - Crave You from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.

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Comment by Marc Sean Zanyk on December 13, 2013 at 4:23pm

Cecilia L. Aponte. (CeCe)

CeCe, What happened to you on facebook ? Did the facebook "Haters" get ya ? Marc Sean Zanyk

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