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Smart Is So Sexy #SISS

MERGEBY.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? (Age, location, how did you get started)

AMYBABY.  I am 23, I live in Orlando, FL, & I got started over 5 years ago modeling at car shows.

MERGEBY.  What's your favorite song right now?

AMYBABY.  Probably Stay by Rihanna.

MERGEBY.  What Type of Model would you be considered?

AMYBABY.  Glamour.

MERGEBY.  What was your first Job?

AMYBABY.  I was a busser at a restaurant called Sunnyside.

MERGEBY.  What is a big pet peeve of yours from the industry? (something you just hate)

AMYBABY.  All the unreliable people & the creeps.

MERGEBY.  Turnt up or not, What is a great night for you? (tell us about that night)

AMYBABY.  I like to relax at home, watch a movie, make a bubble bath & drink some glasses of wine. :)

MERGEBY.  What is your ultimate goal for your career?

AMYBABY.  My goal is to just go further in this industry, be in Playboy, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and all the bigger magazines.

MERGEBY.  What was the craziest experience that you’ve had in the industry? (story)

AMYBABY.  Craziest experience is probably just traveling with other models & all the drama that traveling the states entails with someone else.  They should make a TV show based of models that travel for work. ;)

MERGEBY.  Name someone that you would love to work with?

AMYBABY.  Rabiero Photography or Ryan Astamendi.

MERGEBY.  Is there a Celebrity that you met that turned out to be just horrible?

AMYBABY.  No, thankfully. Lol.

MERGEBY.  What is Sexy to you?

AMYBABY.  Sexy to me is being comfortable in your own skin, feeling confident, & letting your feelings take over your movements.

MERGEBY.  Can you name a model everyone should look out for, other than you?

AMYBABY.  I can name a couple.  Jaquie Ohh, Ana Braga, Ashley Alexiss.  They are awesome.

MERGEBY. Fill in this Blank... I was on a Photoshoot  ___________ U.O.E.N.O (You don't even know)  it.

AMYBABY.  I was on a Photoshoot while I was laying in the sand & a huge wave just sneaks up & covers me completely U.O.E.N.O it.

MERGEBY. Fill in this Blank... I Get Turned on ____________ U.O.E.N.O (You don't even know)  it.

AMYBABY.  I get turned on by hand guiding, ass grabbing, kissing, hair pulling, & teasing. ;) U.O.E.N.O it.

MERGEBY.  Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram (or other) ? Which do you prefer?

AMYBABY.  Facebook!!

MERGEBY.  Where can our audience see more of you?

AMYBABY.  Instagram: ModelAmyBaby.  Facebook:

MERGEBY.  What advice do you have for young women, trying to get in the industry?

AMYBABY.  Be cautious, work hard, don't give up, & learn everything you can about the industry! :)


Smart is So Sexy, AMYBABY is killing the Net. AMYBABY is showing that it is Deeper than a Photo and Smart is so Sexy. 

AmyBaby from Locksley Gayle on Vimeo.


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